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Award name (abbrev) Kingdom
Crown Prince of Ansteorra (PRINCE) Ansteorra
Crown Princess of Ansteorra (PRINCESS) Ansteorra
County (COUNTY) Ansteorra
Court Barony (CB) Ansteorra
Centurion o/t Sable Star of Ansteorra (CSS) Ansteorra
Calon Cross, Order o/t (Calontir) (K-OCC) Foreign
Calon Lily, Order o/t (Calontir) (K-OCL) Foreign
Commander o/t Pilgrim o/t Desert (Atenveldt) (A-CPD) Foreign
Crescent, Order o/t (Caid) (C-OC) Foreign
Cap and Bells of Bjornsborg, Order o/t (OCBB*) Ansteorra
Cotes Anciennes, Order des (Eldern Hills) (OCA) Ansteorra
Compass Rose, Award o/t (ACR) Ansteorra
Cavendish Knot, Order o/t (Middle) (M-OCK) Foreign
Combattant Rams, Order o/t (Gleann Abhann) (G-OCR) Foreign
Coral Branch, Order o/t (Atlantia) (Q-OCB) Foreign
Court Barony - Foreign, AoA-level (CBF) Foreign
Crescent Sword, Order o/t (Caid) (C-CS) Foreign
Cross and Serpent, Order o/t (Trimaris - An Crosaire) (T-OCS) Foreign
Crown's Favor of Ansteorra (closed 7/20/2002) (CFA*) Ansteorra
Citizen of Glean Abhann (Gleann Abhann) (GA-CGA) Foreign
Compostella, Order o/t (Meridies) (S-OC) Foreign
Crocodile Tear, Order o/t (Caid) (C-OCT) Foreign
Crown's Favor (West) (W-CF) Foreign
Crown's Order of Gratitude (Trimaris) (T-COG) Foreign
Cygnet, Order o/t (Meridies) (S-OCY) Foreign
Captain of Cats (An Tir/Summits) (NS-*CC*) Foreign
Coeur d'Azur, Honor o/t (West/Mists) (WM-HCA) Foreign
Corolla Muralis, The (West/Mists) (WM-CM) Foreign
Coronet's Favor (West/Oertha) (WO-CF) Foreign
Courtesia, Order of La (West/Cynagua) (WC-OLC) Foreign
Cynaguan Guard (West/Cynagua) (WC-CG) Foreign
Caer Maer, Order of (Atlantia - Caer Maer) (Q-OCM) Foreign