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Award name (abbrev) Kingdom
Duchy (DUCHY) Ansteorra
Defense, Order of (MD) Ansteorra
Defender o/t White Scarf (Artemisia) (R-DWS) Foreign
Defenders o/t White Scarf (Atenveldt) (A-DWS) Foreign
Diamond Chalice, Order o/t (Gleann Abhann) (G-ODC) Foreign
Dragon's Heart, Order o/t (Middle) (M-ODH) Foreign
Dreigiau Bryn, Order o/t (Bryn Gwlad) (ODB) Ansteorra
Denial o/t Niche, Order o/t (Grey Niche/Meridies) (S-ODN) Foreign
Doe's Grace, Award o/t (Middle) (M-DG) Foreign
Dolphin, Order o/t (Caid) (C-OD) Foreign
Dragon's Barb, Order o/t (Middle) (M-ODB) Foreign
Dragon's Grace, Order o/t (Outlands - Dragonsspine) (O-ODG) Foreign
Dragon's Scale, Order o/t (Atenveldt - Sun Dragon) (A-ODS) Foreign
Dragon's Steel, Order o/t (Drachenwald) (D-ODS) Foreign
Dragon's Tooth, Award o/t (Middle) (M-DT) Foreign
Dragons Blood of Dragonsspine, Order o/t (Outlands - Dragonsspine) (O-ODB) Foreign
Dragons Heart, Order o/t (Atenveldt - Sun Dragon) (A-ODH) Foreign
Defender of the West (West) (W-DW) Foreign
Dove, Order o/t (Princess Of Atenveldt) (A-DOVE) Foreign
Dragon's Bowle, Order o/t (Drachenwald) (D-ODB) Foreign
Dragon's Jewel, Order o/t (Drachenwald) (D-ODJ) Foreign
Dragon's Tear, Award o/t (Drachenwald) (D-DT) Foreign
Dagger, Order o/t (Atenveldt/Sun) (AS-OD) Foreign
Defender of the Summits (An Tir/Summits) (NS-*DS*) Foreign
Den Grimme Aeling (West/Cynagua) (WC-DGA) Foreign
Diamond Willow, Companions o/t (West/Oertha) (WO-DW) Foreign
Diamond, Order o/t (Meridies/Gleann Abhann) (SG-OD) Foreign
Defenders of Mons Tonitrus, Order o/t (Atenveldt - Mons Tonitrus) (A-ODMT) Foreign