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Award name (abbrev) Kingdom
Golden Lance of Ansteorra, Order o/t (OGL) Ansteorra
Golden Dolphin, Order o/t (GoA) (Atlantia) (Q-OGD) Foreign
Golden Rapier, Order o/t (East) (E-OGR) Foreign
Golden Sun in Splendour (Artemisia) (R-OGSS) Foreign
Goutté de Sang, Order o/t (An Tir) (N-OGS) Foreign
Grant of Arms (GoA) Ansteorra
Greenwood Company, Order o/t (Middle) (M-OGC) Foreign
Gilded Thorn of Ansteorra (GTA*) Ansteorra
Gilded Leaf of Caerthe, Order o/t (Outlands - Caerthe) (O-GLC) Foreign
Golden Alce, Order o/t (Ęthelmearc) (H-OGA) Foreign
Golden Calon Swan, Order o/t (Calontir) (K-OGCS) Foreign
Golden Maple Leaf, Order o/t (Artemisia) (R-OGML) Foreign
Golden Nightingale, Order o/t (Outlands - Caer Galen) (O-OGN) Foreign
Golden Pillar of Artemisia, Order o/t (R-OGPA) Foreign
Golden Scarf, Order o/t (Artemisia) (R-OGS) Foreign
Golden Sea Lion, Order o/t (Gleann Abhann - Seleone) (GA-OGSL) Foreign
Grail of Grace, Order o/t (Atenveldt/Outlands) (AO-OGG*) Foreign
Gryphon and Pheon, Order o/t (Artemisia) (R-OGP) Foreign
Golden Bridle of Ansteorra (GBA) Ansteorra
Golden Star of Ansteorra, Award o/t (GSA) Ansteorra
Guardian o/t King's Dream (*GKD*) Ansteorra
Guardian o/t Queen's Hope (*GQH*) Ansteorra
Golden Thorn, Order o/t (Ęthelmearc) (H-OGT) Foreign
Golden Trident, Order o/t (Caid - Calafia) (C-OGT) Foreign
Guardsman, Order o/t (East) (E-OG*) Foreign
Guiding Hand of Meridies, Order o/t (S-OGH) Foreign
Grail, Order o/t (An Tir/Summits) (NS-OG) Foreign
Gryphon and Spear, Order o/t (An Tir/Summits) (NS-*OGS*) Foreign
Gryphon's Heart, Order o/t (Artemisia) (R-OGH) Foreign
Gentle Dragon, Order o/t (Outlands - Dragonsspine) (O-OGD) Foreign
Guardian o/t Saguaro, Order o/t (Atenveldt - Mons Tonitrus) (A-OGS) Foreign
Guardian's o/t Knight (Drachenwald - Knight's Crossing) (D-GK) Foreign