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Award name (abbrev) Kingdom
King of Ansteorra (KING) Ansteorra
Knight o/t Society (KSCA) Ansteorra
Key Cross, Order o/t (Artemisia) (R-OKC) Foreign
Kraken, Order o/t (Atlantia) (Q-OK) Foreign
King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra (KGA) Ansteorra
Keeper o/t Cross, Order o/t (Bonwicke - closed 04/23/2005) (OKCB*) Ansteorra
Keys of Bordermarch, Order o/t (Closed April 1999) (OKB*) Ansteorra
Keystone, Order o/t (Ęthelmearc) (H-OK) Foreign
Knight o/t Sable Garland (SAG) Ansteorra
King's Archer of Ansteorra (KAA) Ansteorra
King's Blade of Chivalry (*KBC*) Ansteorra
King's Champion (*KC*) Ansteorra
Kingdom Artisan (*KArt*) Ansteorra
Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Champion (*MEDC*) Ansteorra
Kingdom Warlord (*KW*) Ansteorra
King's Award of Excellence (Atlantia) (Q-KAE) Foreign
King's Council of Artemisia (Artemisia) (R-KCA) Foreign
King's Cypher (East) (E-KC) Foreign
King's Cypher, Award o/t (Northshield) (n-KC) Foreign
King's Order of Condatis (Gleann Abhann) (G-KOC) Foreign
King's Sigil, Order o/t (Atenveldt) (A-OKS) Foreign
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms (Middle) (M-KAA) Foreign
Keeper o/t Solar Heart (Atenveldt/Sun) (AS-KSH) Foreign
Kitty Hawk, Order o/t (Atlantia - Windmaster's Hill) (Q-OKH) Foreign