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Award name (abbrev) Kingdom
Laurel, Order o/t (ML) Ansteorra
Lux Caidis, Order o/t (Caid) (C-OLC) Foreign
Lanternarius, Order o/t (Wiesenfeuer) (OLW) Ansteorra
Lions Paw of Kenmare, Order o/t (Northkeep) (OLPK) Ansteorra
Leaf of Merit, Order o/t (West) (W-OLM) Foreign
Leaping Stag, Order o/t (Atenveldt/Outlands) (AO-OLS*) Foreign
Leather Mallet, Order o/t (Calontir) (K-OLM) Foreign
Legio Ursi, Order o/t (Meridies) (S-OLU) Foreign
Light of Atenveldt, Order o/t (A-OLA) Foreign
Lune Bleue, l'Ordre de la (Atenveldt - Twin Moons) (A-OLB) Foreign
Lilium Aureum of Ansteorra (LILIUM) Ansteorra
Lion of Ansteorra; Defender o/t Dream (LION) Ansteorra
Lyra Aurea of Ansteorra (LYRA) Ansteorra
Lamb, Order o/t (Gleann Abhann) (G-OL) Foreign
Legion of Courtesy (Caid) (C-LC) Foreign
Legion of Gallantry (Outlands) (O-LG) Foreign
Lion's Rapier, Honour o/t (An Tir) (N-HLR) Foreign
Lady o/t Chamber (West/Oertha) (WO-LC) Foreign
Lady o/t Solar Leaf (Atenveldt/Sun) (AS-LSL) Foreign