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Ring Thegn.
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: RT*   Precedence: 21   Closed: 1979-06-16  Number given:   23
Recipients Date Given Notes
Andeleon of Axegarth 1978-03-04 to Ravenswaard
Clare RosMuire St. John 1978-03-04 to Ravenswaard
Erasimierz Waspanieski 1978-03-04 to Ravenswaard
Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad 1978-03-04 to Ravenswaard
Simonn of Amber Isle 1978-03-04 to Ravenswaard
Tessa of the Gardens 1978-03-04 to Ravenswaard
Balthazar of Endor 1978-03-05 to Ravenswaard
S-Utcha ta Nuit 1978-03-05 to Ravenswaard
John the Plain of Shearn 1978-03-18 to Ravenswaard
Karl der Gaenger 1979-01-06 to Mountaingate
Lloyd von Eaker 1979-01-06 to Mountaingate
Losira la Papillon 1979-01-06 to Mountaingate
Brendan of Hy Breasil 1979-02-10 to Mountaingate
Kasilda Kubasek 1979-02-10 to Mountaingate
Kubric Spelldragon 1979-02-10 to Mountaingate
Morganna of the Upland Moors 1979-02-10 to Mountaingate
Nerak la Tisserande 1979-02-10 to Mountaingate
Robin of the Elm 1979-02-10 to Mountaingate
Angelina Jessica Dourelle 1979-02-24 to Mountaingate
Ciard d'Algeneaux 1979-02-24 to Mountaingate
Jaelithe Maurelena MacDonald 1979-02-24 to Mountaingate
Noman Adolphus Buchard 1979-02-24 to Mountaingate
Xene Theriane 1979-02-24 to Mountaingate