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Raven's Wings, Order o/t (Raven's Fort).
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: ORW   Precedence: 17    Number given:   14
Recipients Date Given Notes
Catherine Barbary 2007-09-15 
Chrystal Ariana MacRuari 2007-09-15 
Devin Phelan O'Donnabhain 2007-09-15 
Gregor Elfingstone 2007-09-15 
Giovanna Lena Caronna 2011-03-26 
Pasquale Pace 2011-03-26 
Brian du Val 2011-09-17 
Detlef von Marburg 2011-09-17 
Fionna ní Cheallaigh 2011-09-17 
Lemoine de Gascony 2011-09-17 
Shanahan the Fey 2012-09-15 
Elrique Falcone de Netterville 2015-09-19 Principal 09/19/2015-present
Sarah Rois Netterville 2015-09-19 Principal 09/19/2015-present
Seneca of Raven's Fort 2015-09-19