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Aquila Aurea of Ansteorra.
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: AQUILA   Precedence: 20    Number given:   20
Recipients Date Given Notes
Daniel O'Niallagain 2014-10-11 Rapier Combat
Nils Athendoros 2015-01-03 Rapier Combat
AElfwyn AEthelstans dohtor 2015-02-14 Chivalric Combat
Aoife inghean uiRuairc 2015-12-05 
Eirany De Hyet 2016-01-16 Rapier Combat
Dietrich Kragssen 2016-09-24 Rapier Combat
Mary Margret of the Pale Dragons 2016-10-15 Chivalric Combat
Seamus of Namron 2016-10-15 Chivalric Combat
Jason of the Pale Dragons 2016-11-19 
Joshua of the Pale Dragons 2016-11-19 
Paul of Bjornsborg 2016-11-19 Chivalric Combat
Philip of Bjornsborg 2016-11-19 Chivalric Combat
Marie of Hellsgate 2017-03-25 Rapier Combat
Aurora of Ansteorra 2017-11-11 
Evarr Havaarsson 2018-05-12 Rapier Combat
Lucia Arias 2018-05-12 Rapier Combat
Maria of the Steppes 2018-05-26 Rapier Combat
Marroc McNeil 2018-11-10 Rapier Combat
Aila Stephensdottir 2019-04-13 Rapier combat
Cainnear Lylle 2019-05-04 Chivalric combat