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Honor, Order o/t (Atenveldt - Sun Dragon).
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: A-OH   Precedence: 19    Number given:   8
Recipients Date Given Notes
Alys Carvelsdatter 1985-07-20 Atenveldt
Katja Dara 1985-07-20 
Elaine Bel Monte 1986-05-20 Atenveldt
William the Frogge 1986-05-20 
Ronna Rosgaile Soilean Soilleir 1990-10-10 
Petruccio Alfonso Maria Cuccieri de Cataluņa 1991-04-14 
Lynn the Inquisitive 1997-04-26 
Eleanor Cleavely 2005-03-26