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Dragon's Tooth, Award o/t (Middle).
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: M-DT   Precedence: 19    Number given:   12
Recipients Date Given Notes
Arenvald Kief av Kiersted 1987-08-15 Middle
William Miesko 1987-08-15 Middle
Robert FitzHugh of Bannockburn 1989-04-08 
Reynard the Brown 1990-10-13 Middle
Amra Shieldsplitter 1997-08-14 
Amra Shieldsplitter 1999-08-19 
Aaron MacGregor 2008-03-13 
Amalric des Etoiles 2008-03-14 
Amalric des Etoiles 2009-03-18 
Aaron MacGregor 2010-03-19 
Amalric des Etoiles 2010-08-12 
Amalric des Etoiles 2015-03-17