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Leaf of Merit, Order o/t (West).
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: W-OLM   Precedence: 19    Number given:   14
Recipients Date Given Notes
Bevin Fraser of Sterling 1974-01-05 
Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani 1975-06-21 West
John ap Griffin 1975-06-21 
Guineth the White 1981-11-22 
Roger of Belden Abbey 1981-11-30 West
Catherine Greyeyes 1986-06-15 
Therasia von Tux 1988-01-02 
Cian Conor McQuaid 1990-02-15 West
Anne de Bruierer 1990-03-25 West
Bernard the Nameless 1993-03-13 West
Wilhelm Meis 2011-08-20 
Richard Stewart of Saint Andrews 2014-01-08 
Lars Magnus 2014-03-23 West
Violet Tailyeaour 2017-01-22