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Pillars of Ansteorra.
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: PILA*   Precedence: 21   Closed:  Number given:   11
Recipients Date Given Notes
Cadal, Clan 1978-03-04 
Court of Trion Fonciu 1978-03-04 Honorary
Meri En Heh 1978-03-04 
Mountaingate, House 1978-03-04 
Salamandria, House 1978-03-04 
Veiled Council of Valadin 1978-03-04 Honorary
Morningstar, House 1978-03-18 
Freehold of Cats Keep 1979-02-24 
Von Alyssyn-Ravenswaard, House 1979-02-24 
Drekeheime, House 1979-05-13 
Clan Silverthorne 1979-06-16