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Tread o/t Steppes, Order o/t.
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Award Date Recipient
Award Abbreviation: OTS*   Precedence: 17   Closed:  Number given:   10
Recipients Date Given Notes
La Rana 1973-09-29 
Richard of Mont Royal, the Short 1973-09-29 
Aulus Allemanius Draconis 1975-08-30 
John of the Rudder 1976-01-10 
Aureliane Rioghail 1976-08-17 
Lloyd von Eaker 1981-01-03 
Anne Louise of Bluecastle 1982-07-31 
Leo Exiter the Wanderer 1982-07-31 
Willow de Wisp 1988-05-29 
Isobel des Tourelles de la Seine 2006-09-05