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Eldern Hills Baronial and Royal Huntsman.
Branch: Eldern Hills   date: 2015-08-22   Number awards:   11
Recipients Award Notes
Aoife Inghean Tuathail THISTLE Bookmaking
Devant of Eldern Hills AoA 
Eleanora Elizabeth Caley THISTLE Weaving
Gassion de Beaumarchais OCA Principal
Gillian of the Eldern Hills THISTLE Embroidery
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson *RH* Sven II and Antigone II
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson ARC 
Rhonda of Eldern Hills AoA 
Roibert Gordon Cotes Anciennes, Ord 
Roibert Gordon Sable Thistle of Ans Jewelry Making
Stephen Vorhees AoA