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Branch: Northkeep   date: 2016-05-21   Number awards:   15
Recipients Award Notes
Beorhtlic Folcwineson Barony in Fief Northkeep 05/21/2016 to present
Elisaveta af Isefjord Barony in Fief Northkeep 05/21/2016 to present
Montega Black Dragon Court Barony Northkeep 06/15/2013-05/21/2016
Morgan Blackdragon  Court Barony Northkeep 06/15/2013-05/21/2016
Asha of Mooneschadowe LYRA 
Beorhtlic Folcwineson MP 
Bulvyn Gunderson AoA 
Cassius Domitius Lepus ARC 
Cicily Bridges CIM 
Facon du Pray TALON Combat Archery
Finr Jorgenson TALON Chivalric Combat
Hedwig of Wyldewood Keep AoA 
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson THISTLE Middle Eastern Drumming
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson OLPK 
Magnus Gunderson AoA