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Enclave of Artisans & Ruffians.
Branch: Bjornsborg   date: 2018-02-24   Number awards:   19
Recipients Award Notes
Cynric of Bedwyn Barony in Fief Bjornsborg 02/24/2018 to present
Seraphina Maslowska Barony in Fief Bjornsborg 02/24/2018 to present
Philippe LeChanceux Court Barony Bjornsborg 10/17/2009 - 02/24/2018
Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud Court Barony Bjornsborg 10/17/2009 - 02/24/2018
Alexandria Doyle Star of Merit, Order 
Calvin Tittle Sable Crane of Anste 
Christiana Ivarsdottir Court Barony 
Cynric of Bedwyn Firebrand of Bjornsb Principal 02/24/2018 - present
Eireann Hviturhrafn Iris of Merit, Order 
Eleonora Vittoria Alberti di Calabria Sable Thistle of Ans Bobbin Lace
Enneleyn Phye Heydewolff Sable Crane of Anste 
Eva Collette Devereaux Sable Thistle of Ans Culinary Arts
Hywel Goch Penbras Sable Crane of Anste 
Lazarus Heydewolff van Robel Sable Crane of Anste 
Percival Beaumont Sable Thistle of Ans Culinary Arts
Robin Carrot Award of Arms 
Rurik Gunvaldsson Firebrand of Bjornsb 
Seraphina Maslowska Firebrand of Bjornsb Principal 02/24/2018 - present
Tuathal O'Sheill Sable Thistle of Ans Culinary Arts