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Branch: Steppes   date: 2018-05-26   Number awards:   12
Recipients Award Notes
Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim Defense, Order of 
Arthur of the Fen Compass Rose, Award  
Brendan McEwen Compass Rose, Award  
Dane the Red Sable Falcon of Anst 
Elizabeth Caton Sable Talon of Anste Rapier Combat
Frederick von Dresen Sable Talon of Anste Chivalric Combat
Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh Arc d'Or of Ansteorr 
Hakon the Blacksmith Sable Comet, Award o Glaslyn
Hrafn Olafsson Iris of Merit, Order 
Maria of the Steppes Aquila Aurea of Anst Rapier Combat
Nicollet Deuville Sable Talon of Anste Archery
Orlando Giovanni Sable Talon of Anste Cut & Thrust Combat