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Branch: Kingdom   date: 2018-08-09   Number awards:   11
Recipients Award Notes
Lorelei von Orlamunde Amicitia of Ansteorr 
Alessandra da Montefeltro Sable Sparrow, Award 
Cynric of Bedwyn Sable Sparrow, Award 
Edmund der Saxon Sable Talon of Anste Chivalric Combat
Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui Chonchobhair Star of Merit, Order 
Leandra Forte Award of Arms 
Millicent Rowan Queen's Rapier of An 
Santiago of Bryn Gwlad Queen's Rapier of An 
Seraphina Maslowska Sable Sparrow, Award 
Solmundr Mac an Ghabhann, Crotch Killer Sable Sparrow, Award 
Wilhelm von Buch Court Barony