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War of Ages.
Branch: Ffynnon Gath   date: 2018-09-29   Number awards:   12
Recipients Award Notes
Agnes Olympe fort DeNice Sable Thistle of Ans Costuming
Aveline bit Bellerose Award of Arms 
Drouqr  Award of Arms 
Embrolio  Sable Falcon of Anst 
Gabriel of Maccuswell Sable Thistle of Ans Costuming
Gabriel Thomas Centurion o/t Sable  
Giovanni Rocco Sable Thistle of Ans Leatherwork
Gwenlian verch Hywel Award of Arms 
Lorelei Tressler Award of Arms 
Ozar Svensson Centurion o/t Sable  
Peter Makintare Knight o/t Society 
Sampson Feldman Award of Arms