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War of the Ram.
Branch: Bordermarch   date: 2018-11-16   Number awards:   24
Recipients Award Notes
Gabrielle de Lacy Barony in Fief Bordermarch 11/17/2018 to present
Meurik the Humble Barony in Fief Bordermarch 11/17/2018 to present
Armand de Lacy Silent Trumpet of Bo 
Lessandra della Torre Court Barony Bordermarch 06/17/2017 - 11/16/2018
Melia de la Renaudiere Court Barony Bordermarch 11/21/2015 to 11/16/2018
Absolon of Hereford Knight o/t Society 
Aki Seulf  Silent Trumpet of Bo 
Alfrikr Hamarskald Sable Falcon of Anst 
Aron ulfr Sable Crane of Anste 
Artt Alann Award of Arms 
Bumi Fong Queen's Rapier of An 
Calanna di Nero Rosa Royal Lancer of Anst 
Godric Daud Sable Falcon of Anst 
Godrick DeLamar Sable Falcon of Anst 
Joseph Erskine  Silent Trumpet of Bo 
Kilian MacRaith of the Ironshell Star of Merit, Order 
Mariel du Bois Sable Thistle of Ans Adornment
Nikolai Vladislav Arc d'Or of Ansteorr 
Robin of Cambria Sable Talon of Anste Equestrian Marshalling
Sarah Bellian  Sable Thistle of Ans Illumination
Singe du Coffre Silent Trumpet of Bo 
Ulrich von Tolstat Award of Arms 
Wilhelm von Bellatrix Sable Falcon of Anst 
Rose Hawthorne Sable Thistle of Ans Bardic