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Crown Tournament.
Branch: Northkeep   date: 2019-01-12   Number awards:   11
Recipients Award Notes
Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim King's Blade of Chiv Miguel III
Ainar Magnusson Iris of Merit, Order 
Alexandra of Northkeep Rising Star of Anste 
Catin de Mortain Sable Crane of Anste 
Delesse de Beaumarchais Iris of Merit, Order 
Geoffrey de Gournay Sable Crane of Anste 
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson Star of Merit, Order 
Michall Morison Sable Falcon of Anst 
Ragna Inn Rauthee Award of Arms 
Sierra of Northkeep Award of Arms 
Yzabeau Brossier Sable Crane of Anste