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Gwyneth Felton.
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Gwyneth FeltonGroup from
Ranking # 0620070414  
Name Registered:   Device Registered:  Achievement Registered:  
Award of Arms 1991-08-15 Middle 
Willow, Order o/t (Middle) 1993-07-17  
Purple Fret, Award o/t (Middle) 1993-12-11  
Doe's Grace, Award o/t (Middle) 1996-11-09  
Persephone's Circle (Middle/Northshield) 1996-11-09  
Viscounty 1996-11-09 Northshield - Middle 
Dragon's Heart, Order o/t (Middle) 1997-10-25  
Dragon's Barb, Order o/t (Middle) 1997-12-13  
Pyxis, Order o/t (Middle/Northshield) 1998-12-12  
Royal Augmentation of Arms (Middle) 1998-12-12  
Pelican, Order o/t 1999-03-20 Middle 
Sheriff, Order o/t (Middle/Northshield) 1999-05-22  
Grant of Arms 1999-08-19 Middle 
Princess' Cypher (Middle/Northshield) 2000-06-24  
Prince's Cypher (Middle/Northshield) 2000-06-24  
Iron Watch (Middle/Northshield) 2002-05-04  
Northern Cross (Middle/Northshield) 2003-02-22  
Award of Arms 2003-04-19 Middle 
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms (Middle) 2003-08-16  
Prince's Cypher (Middle/Northshield) 2003-10-04  
Princess' Cypher (Middle/Northshield) 2003-10-04  
King's Cypher, Award o/t (Northshield) 2005-04-09 Siegfried 
Beare of Northshield, Order o/t  2006-04-08  
Rose, Order o/t 2007-04-14 Northshield 
County 2007-04-14 Northshield 
Court Barony 2010-09-11 Northshield