CoH Reporting

Welcome to the Ansteorran CoH online reporting. Please chose the report you need below. Once submittted it will be emailed to the appropriate upline officer.

Reporting Schedule

Quarter Local to Regional Regional to Star * Star to Laurel Laurel to SocSen
Q1 (Nov-Jan) 5-Feb 19-Feb 1-Mar 1-Apr
Q2 (Feb-Apr) 5-May 19-May 1-Jun 1-Jul
Q3 (May-Jul) 5-Aug 19-Aug 1-Sep 1-Oct
Q4 (Aug-Oct) 5-Nov 19-Nov 1-Dec 1-Jan
*All direct deputies to Star report on the same schedule as the regionals

Who Sends What To Whom In Ansteorra

Item Sent To By
Submissions Asterisk Branch Heralds**
Branch Quarterly Reports Regional Heralds Branch Heralds*
Non-local Quarterly Reports Star Principal Regional Heralds* and Major Deputies*
Court Report Forms Zodiacus, Sable Scroll Branch Herald*, Royal Herald*, any other heralds attending Court
Internal Commentary OSCAR All Who Comment
Inquiries about Scribal Matters Regional Scribes, Star Signet All
Request for Scrolls to Paint or Painted Scrolls Regional Scribes All
Donation of Insignia Insignia Deputy, Sable Scroll All
Correlation of Scrolls Given/Not Given Crown, Sable Scroll Branch Heralds, Royal Herald
Change of Name or Contact Info, Including Address Changes Star Principal, upline officer All
Letters/Articles/Etc. for Gazette Obelisk All
Resignations and Applications One Level Up All
Administrative Matters Star Principal Regionals*, All
Achievement Registrations, Questions Sable Crane All
Website Questions, Suggestions Obelisk All
*These items are requirements of the job.
**If you receive these, it is a requirement of your job to send them to Asterisk promptly.
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