Achievement of Arms Registration and Guidelines

So just what is an "Achievement of Arms"? Put simply it is a gentles Arms displayed with decorative schemes representing different honors and awards surrounding the shield. In Ansteorra we have devised a system of adaptation to accommodate this period type of heraldic display. We also maintain a registry of who has what. To Register an achievement please fill out the Achievement Registration form or contact the Sable Crane Pursuivant at Additionally your Name and Arms must be registered with the SCA College of Arms before you can register an Achievement of Arms. Banners, flags and other Fru not specified in Ansteorran Achievement guidelines are fair game. Have fun! There is one type of Banner that is reserved which is: A banner hung on a spear, banner pole etc consisting of the Kingdom Ensign followed by the badge or symbol of a greater office shall be reserved to current and past Greater Officers of State (Goofs).

So what can a person have at each rank in Ansteorra? Well it depends on the rank and precedence you hold within the SCA.

An achievement registration summary will be inserted here shortly. In the mean time, for assistance in achievement registration, please contact your local herald, or email Sable Crane Pursuivant at

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