Heraldic Submissions

One of the main goals of the Ansteorran CoH website is to help ensure ease and simplification of access to all things heraldic. Perhaps the most common of our tasks is submissions. Below you can find links to many, if not most, of the questions you have about the submission process.

Submissions in Progress

Useful Forms

Submission forms are now downloadable in two versions.

Note: Please remember to turn off the shrink to fit or page scaling so the form prints at actual size. If you don't then the form may get rejected by laurel for the emblazon being the wrong size.

Form Name Fillable Print Only JPG
Name Submission by an Individual   view   view   view
Name Submission by an SCA Branch   view   view   view
Device Submission   view   view   view
Badge Submission   view   view   view
ZIP file with all forms   view   view   view
CoH Submission Receipt - Single Client Form   view      
CoH Submission Receipt - Roster Form   view      

For a submission that requires a fee, the submitter pays $8 (US). The local SCA branch retains $1 per submission. A check from the SCA branch (made payable to: "SCA, Inc. - Kingdom of Ansteorra") including $7 per submission is sent to Asterisk Herald with the submissions.

Send 1 name form, 1 armory form with a line drawing, and 1 armory form with a color drawing to the Asterisk Herald (Address is in the Black Star.) Include one copy of any documentation for the submission with the form. Submitters and local/consulting heralds are encouraged to keep a copy of the forms and documentation for their records.

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