Ansteorran Branches (Historical)

Originally compiled by Dame Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada

Last Updated: 05 May 2008

This list has been created to facilitate matching up submissions when branch names have changed and when branches have formed or been dissolved. The majority of the information in this list is taken from the online O&A and from various discussions on the ANSTHRLD mailing list.
NOTE: all registration actions (including name changes and releases) were submitted through Ansteorra unless otherwise noted.

Branch Status Mundane Location Name Reg. Info Notes
Adlersruhe Shire of active Amarillo, TX reg. Sep. 1988  
An Loch Shire of defunct
(Board meeting 04/08)
Borger, TX reg. Apr. 2006 NOT related to Turris Aquilae
Bastion de la Frontière Shire of released Texarkana, TX reg. Mar. 1988
rel. Feb. 2005
Bisons Run Shire of released Bartlesville, OK reg. May 1995
rel. Feb. 2005
was: Heron's Keep, Laurel return - 09/93
Bjornsborg Barony of active San Antonio, TX reg. "at some point"
(no kingdom noted)
Black Lake Shire of active Odessa, TX reg. Feb. 1985  
Black Oak Keep Shire of dissolved; reforming? Greenville, TX reg. Nov. 1990 "started out with a different name - it was something long and unpronounceable that meant "Two Thousand Trees"
Bonwicke Barony of active Lubbock, TX reg. Jun. 1993  
Bordermarch Barony of active Beaumont, Port Arthur & Orange, TX reg. May 1982  
Brad Leah Shire of active Wichita Falls, TX reg. Jun. 1991  
Bryn Gwlad Barony of active Austin, TX reg. Mar. 1980 was: Paiscumbre, Laurel return - 08/77
Chemin Noir Canton of active Bartlesville, OK reg. Feb. 2004 NOT related to Bisons Run
Crossrode Keep Shire of dissolved
(Black Star 06/08)
Big Spring, TX reg. Nov. 1999  
Cypress Hills Shire of released Longview, TX reg. Sep. 1993
rel. Feb. 2005
Desert Wyndes Shire of released Pampa, TX reg. Jun. 1993
rel. Feb. 2005
Dragonsfire Tor Canton of active Stephenville, TX reg. Feb. 1991  
Eldern Hills Barony of the active Lawton, OK reg. Dec. 1988  
Elfsea Barony of active Fort Worth & Tarrant Co., TX reg. Dec. 1982  
Emerald Keep Shire of active Waco, TX reg. Aug. 1981  
Falconridge Stronghold of dormant Altus Air Force Base; Altus, OK reg. Jan. 1996  
Fynnon Gath Canton of active San Marcos, TX reg. Nov. 1989  
Gate's Edge Canton of active Houston, TX reg. Jan. 1992  
Glaslyn Canton of active Denton, TX reg. Jul. 1984  
Graywood Shire of active Nacogdoches, TX reg. Jul. 1979  
Gryphon's Rooste Shire of released Muskogee, OK reg. Jun. 1989
rel. Feb. 2005
Inis Feinics Canton of released Cleveland, TX reg. Aug. 1995
rel. Feb. 2005
was: Isle of the Golden Phoenix, Laurel return 09/93
Lindenwood Canton of active Irving, TX reg. Feb. 1998  
Loch Raeburn Shire of released Lufkin, TX reg. Aug. 1991
rel. Feb. 2005
Loch Ruadh Shire of active (western) Fort Worth, TX reg. Dec. 1998 was: Dùn an Locha Ruaidh, reg. 09/93, changed 12/98
Loch Solleir Barony of active Clear Lake, TX reg. Apr. 1992  
Marche Sauvage Shire of La disbanded 10/06 Brownsville, TX (?) reg. Jul. 1996  
Mendersham Shire of active Abilene, TX reg. Sep. 1992  
Middleford Shire of dissolved
(board minutes 07/07)
Killeen / Fort Hood, TX reg. Jun. 1984  
Mooneschadowe Province of active Stillwater, OK reg. Jun. 1984 was: Mona Sceaduw, reg. Jan 1981, changed Jun 1984
Morrow's Keep Shire of released Ada, OK reg. Jun. 1984
rel. Feb. 2005
Namron Barony of active Norman, OK reg. Feb. 1980  
Northkeep Barony of active Tulsa, OK reg. Aug. 1983 was: Nord As Das Strom - name does not seem to have made it to Laurel
Raven's Fort Barony of active Huntsville, TX reg. Mar. 1990  
Rivers Run Canton of [unknown] Ponca City, OK reg. Jul. 2003  
Rosenfeld Shire of active Tyler, TX reg. Feb. 1991  
Rundel Canton of dissolved McAlester, OK [never registered] Rundel - Laurel return 06/03
was: Glomedal, Gnomen Vale, Gnomevale - these names do not seem to have made it to Laurel
Saint Clare College of [unknown] Trinity Univ.; San Antonio, TX [never registered] Laurel return 03/87
Seawinds Shire of active Corpus Christi, TX reg. Dec. 1990  
Shadowlands Shire of the active Bryan / College Station, TX reg. May 1980  
Skorragarðr Canton of active Shawnee, OK reg. Dec. 2004 NOT related to Thri Mylenas
St. Gwyndebourne Shire of unknown FT Hood, TX [never registered] New branch listed in BoD minutes 12/12/78.
Stargate Barony of active Houston, TX reg. Jun. 1973
(no kingdom noted)
Steppes Barony of the active Dallas, TX reg. Oct. 1976
(via Atenveldt)
Stonebridge Keep Shire of dissolved
(Black Star 12/07)
Victoria, TX reg. Jan. 1999 was: Rivertree, Laurel return 01/98
Tempio Shire of dissolved
(president's report 04/05)
Temple, TX reg. Apr. 1992  
Threebridges College of active Univ. of Texas; Arlington, TX reg. Apr. 2001  
Thri Mylenas Shire of released Shawnee, OK reg. Nov. 1989
rel. Feb. 2005
Thuin Shire of disbanded Kerrville, TX [never registered] NOT related to Wyndhame
Tír Medóin Shire of active Rockdale, TX reg. Oct. 2002 was: Cridhe na Tyr - name does not seem to have made it to Laurel
Torre de los Brazos Shire of active Angleton / Lake Jackson, TX (current)
was: Clute, TX
reg. Sep. 1989  
Trelac Shire of active San Angelo, TX reg. Feb. 1995 was: Standonshire, reg. 11/93, changed 02/95
was: Treloch, Laurel return - 05/92
was: Three Lochs, Laurel return - 03/87
Turris Animarum Collegium   dormant, reforming Univ. of Texas; Austin, TX reg. Jul. 1994  
Turris Aquilae Shire of released Borger, TX reg. Dec. 1993
rel. Feb. 2005
was: Hillsfar Haven - name does not seem to have made it to Laurel
Twr Cath College of dormant Univ. of Houston; Houston, TX reg. Jul. 1994  
Wastelands Shire of dissolved
(president's report 03/07)
Enid, OK reg. Nov. 1993  
Westgate Canton of active Houston, TX reg. Mar. 1998 was: Dun Bruadair, Dun Bruadail and Dun Brothain - these names do not seem to have made it to Laurel
Wiesenfeuer Barony of active Oklahoma City, OK reg. Jun. 1993  
Wyndhame Shire of defunct Kerrville / Bandera /
Ingram / Center Point, TX
reg. Aug. 1988 dev. rel. Dec. 2004
name transfer to East, Laurel return 12/04
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